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A Daughters Love

I took a family out to sea not long ago, to scatter the ashes of their mother. The youngest daughter talked about her relationship with her mom from the moment we met. She spoke about places they had gone, things they had done together, just she and her mom. She spoke about things her mom had told her, that she remembered and held dear, she shared her thoughts and wishes to be just like her mom, but never once, did she seem to understand that her mom had passed. This tore at my heart the moment we left the shore. When we arrived at our site, a beautiful clear morning off the coast of Long Beach, I gave each person time to say goodbye before I recited the prayer. She continued to cheerfully recall moments of love and joy that she alone shared with her mom...

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I am Blessed

I am in a Great location for my business now, I’m in Rainbow Harbor in downtown Long Beach Marina, right outside of Gladstone’s Restaurant, next to the Pine Avenue Pier. I’m on Dock-5, and I share the dock with another company….Boat and Beds. I am on a side tie, the first position on the Port side facing the walkway, and Gladstone’s Restaurant. I have a large banner on the bridge that advertises Burials At Sea by Captain Johnnie Lee, I have a sign on a post at the entrance to the dock, and a Sandwich board on the walkway. So if you don’t bump your head on the sign, you’ll trip over the sandwich board,  and then see the banner as you’re falling into the harbor….one way or the other, you can’t miss me.

This location isn’t great for privacy, you can’t really see details of what’s in the ...

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Welcome to my Blog

I believe that most people think that we in the funeral industry are immune to the pain and grief of losing a loved one, because we are exposed to death so frequently. I thought this as well before becoming a part of this industry, but this belief could not be more wrong.

My association with Los Angeles County Funeral Directors Association has shown me that our collective mutual priority, is to help the remaining family members and friends through this transition, as best we can.

I lost my best friend to cancer recently, she was 55. I lost my Dad a few weeks after Candace, and it is still difficult to talk about him at length without fighting back tears.

I listen to the families that I take out to sea, and sincerely pray for them, as much as I pray for their loved ones soul, who’s ashes ...

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