captain_john2I am a seasoned United States Coast Guard Merchant Marine Master. Cremated Remains Disposal License No. CRD-661.

My love of the sea and desire to make my living helping people take part of the sea’s beauty and tranquility, lead to this unique profession that accomplishes both at the same time. Prior to this, my skills were used as a Tow Boat Captain, assisting other boaters that found themselves in difficult situations on the sea. Often I would receive calls of help from people stranded on the ocean in bad weather, ill, or having engine or navigation problems. I would bring them home safely, and learn another lesson in oceanography, currents, weather and assisting others in adverse conditions.

I have a well-established faith in God, having been brought up in the church since childhood. My faith, skills and God’s Grace are always with me, especially when others are in my care on the ocean.

Captain Johnnie Lee

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