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About Your Captain

I am a seasoned United States Coast Guard Merchant Marine Master. Cremated Remains Disposal License No. CRD-661.

My love of the sea and desire to make my living helping people take part of the sea's beauty and tranquility, lead to this unique profession that accomplishes both at the same time. Prior to this, my skills were used as a Tow Boat Captain, assisting other boaters that found themselves in difficult situations on the sea. Often I would receive calls of help from people stranded on the ocean in bad weather, ill, or having engine or navigation problems. I would bring them home safely, and learn another lesson in oceanography, currents, weather and assisting others in adverse conditions.

I have a well-established faith in God, having been brought up in the church since childhood. My faith, skills and God's Grace are always with me, especially when others are in my care on the ocean.

Captain Johnnie Lee and his boat
Captain Johnnie and Great Faith
(Click the above photo for a larger view)

About the Vessel

My yacht is a 48ft LOA Sea Ray Express Bridge Cruiser. Her hull design is well suited for families’ unfamiliar with Southern California near shore waters. Her bow is a Deep-Vee for smooth cruising through calm or choppy water. Her stern is fairly flat for the greatest measure of stability. More about my burials at sea vessel...

Fee ScheduleAmex, Discover, MasterCard, Visa

  • Witnessed Burials at Sea: $500.00 for 1 to 6 people on board when departing from Long Beach or Alamitos Bay*, $600.00 for 1 to 6 people on board when departing from Huntington Harbor. An affiliate vessel that carries up to 149 people on board is available. An affiliate vessel that carries up to 149 people on board is available. Please call Capt. John for pricing of this vessel. Fees are payable by Personal Check, Cash or Major Credit Card. Payments by Credit Card must be made two days before the planned departure date. Payments with Cash or Check may be made when we return to shore.

  • Permits: Client families are required to obtain the Burial At Sea Permit from their Mortuary, Crematory or local Department of Health, and bring it with them on the day that we depart. I will execute and file the Department of Health Permit with the appropriate agencies, with copies to my client family and Mortuary.

  • Non-Witnessed Burials, where I scatter the cremated remains without the family on board: $100.00 per scattering, payable upon receipt of cremated remains, and Permit.

Extended cruises and special requests may be accommodated.

* Note: An additional fee of $100.00 applies to Alamitos Bay departures only, payable directly to the Alamitos Bay Harbor Master.

Side-front view of my new vessel

Side view of my new boat

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Burials at Sea by Captain Johnnie Lee is rated "A+" by the Better Business Bureau, click the left image for more details of this rating.

You can reach Captain Johnnie Lee by calling (310) 387-0587


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